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Your personalized diamond drawing kit

Want to make a great memory truly unforgettable? Send us your favorite picture and we’ll turn it into a mosaic painting, ready to be ornamented with shiny diamonds.

Our beginner-friendly kit lets you dive right into the fun. We’ve marked the colors so you have no problem matching the diamonds with their place in the picture.

Your finished paintings will become a hell of a showcase for your home! Surprise your dearest gift they’ll always remember and enjoy making with you!

Why PaintStone is for you

Forever in your heart- Make your paintings shinier than the rest. Each of your creations will become an instant eye-catcher!

Bring memories to life- Choose a picture you love and we’ll turn it into a canvas ready to be ornamented with diamonds!

Enjoy each second You don’t need skills to enjoy recreating your memories with diamonds, our kit has all you need!

PaintStone is the ultimate choice- Get into the most rewarding artsy hobby and you’ll always have something fun to do at home!

Create Your Own Diamond Painting Kit

Got a Favorite Photo / Picture that you would like to turn in to a master Piece of Art ? our Custom Diamond Painting Kit is going to be the Gift of the Life time to your Significant Others, and a Hell of an Art Showcase at home!

Simply upload your desired Photo or Picture by click the Upload button before adding our Kit to your Cart, or, if you have not decided which one to use yet, just Order right now and Upload Later by replying to our Order Confirmation Emails



We carefully Optimize every Photo to make sure your Piece of Art if the Best Piece of Art!.


Get the Right Size base on how many people are in your Photo. Remember, Bigger is always better!


Each of our Kit comes with all Basic Tools and 40% Extra Diamond Beads to ensure that you have enough to complete your Projects and More!

Our Kits are also 100% Full-Drill canvas - That means that the Whole Content of your Soon-to-be Masterpiece will be Filled with Sparkling Diamonds! Unlike others shops that only provide Partial content!.


  • Remove all items from the package
  • Layout the canvas on a clean, flat surface
  • Choose a single color diamond to get started with
  • Place the diamonds in the included grooved tray for easy picking
  • Dip the tip of the applicator in the wax. This will help you pick up the diamonds.
  • Note: Some kits come with wax. Others come with tweezers - your choice!
  • Press the tip of the applicator tool on the rounded side of the diamond
  • Peel back the plastic film and carefully press the diamond onto its corresponding symbol
  • Repeat the process until you're done! 


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5D Diamond Painting - Kabling
5D Diamond Painting - Kabling
5D Diamond Painting - Kabling
5D Diamond Painting - Kabling
5D Diamond Painting - Kabling
5D Diamond Painting - Kabling